Raja warns against misuse of PCR Act

Senior Tamil Nadu BJP leader H. Raja has issued a warning against the misuse of the Prevention of Atrocities Act (PCR Act), stating that the BJP will mobilize Scheduled Caste (SC) communities if the law is misapplied.
In an interview in Meenjoor, Thiruvallur district, Raja expressed concerns over the deteriorating law and order situation in Tamil Nadu. Referring to the case of the murder of Bahujan Samaj Party state president Armstrong, Raja mentioned that VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan and Congress president Selvaperunthagai have claimed that the surrendering individuals are not the real culprits. “If that is the case, they must know who the real killers are. The police should issue a notice to them and investigate,” Raja stated.
Raja reiterated his earlier claim that Congress leader Selvaperunthagai has a criminal background, a point also made by BJP state president Annamalai. In response, Selvaperunthagai threatened to file a case against Annamalai under the Prevention of Atrocities Act (PCR Act).
Raja emphasized that for a complaint to be filed under the PCR Act, it must involve caste-based derogatory remarks. “Annamalai merely spoke about Selvaperunthagai’s criminal background. Using the PCR Act against Annamalai would be an abuse of the law. If the PCR Act is misused, the BJP will rally SC communities and protest,” he warned.
Raja’s remarks highlight the political tensions and the potential for further conflict over the application of the Prevention of Atrocities Act in Tamil Nadu.