Comedy Cabinet

Most of what they speak are not printworthy; but they are definitely memeworthy.

Tamilnadu Cabinet Ministers are now toast of mememakers and incidentally, the Cabinet jointly and severally have resurrected actor Vadivelu whose glorious film career was cut-short by the late Her High(handed)ness.

Even in normal or official speeches, the present bunch of Ministers are boring to core. Not that the earlier Ministers under J were profound intellectuals or fiery speakers.

Rather under J, they were fearing even to yawn. J kept them under a tight leash as zombies and the Cabinet or governmental decisions were always prefixed by ‘I’.

But, looking at the type of people the AIADMK has had and now has as Ministers, she seems to be justified. Post-Jaya, utterances of her laughable legacy are enough to dispose of this clownish, gibberish spewing regime. We deserve better, at least better clowns.

Sample these. CM Edappadi who no one knew till he became CM, has come up with this ‘brilliant’ diagnosis that the Mukkkombu regulator dam collapsed because it might have developed fever just as people do. He deserves a doctorate for this in line with the Dravidian practice of getting conferred a doctorate while in power.

His Cabinet colleague R B Udhayakumar has made a very sinister statement. ‘Mukkombu dam broke because of the effect of the evil eyes that cannot tolerate all TN dams filled to the brim.’ And then he goes further to say that CM Edappadi is ‘water-lucky’ (thanneer rasi). Now don’t read much into this.

And then we have Minister Dindigul Srinivasan, who is notorious for blurting out ‘truths’ that would make most of his colleagues in AIADMK shudder in terror.

His belated confession that ‘Amma never ate idly in Apollo, all of us lied’ should be taken as just a sample.

We were all witness to the facade of falsehood that was thrown up on Apollo Hospitals for nearly 72 days. But expect him to make a semi-somersault and say ‘Amma actually ate Masal Dosa’.

Minister Sellur Raju achieved instant fame for his grandiose project of covering Vaigai river in Madurai with thermocol to prevent evaporation.

Much to his chagrin and to the State’s comic itch, the thermocol were blown away by the first wind right in front of the Minister during the function itself. Nature apparently refused to cooperate with our Minister for Cooperation.

Environment Minister Karuppannan claims that the foam that is flooding the Noyyal river in Tirupur was not caused by dyeing units, but because of people taking bath with soap.

Now that would take the people of the entire district to take a soap bath at the same time to create so much foam, but our Environment Minister seems pretty sure about his ‘discovery’. This despite the fact that very few bathe in rivers these days, let-alone a chemical ridden river.

A prominent Carnatic singer was addressed by several surnames and referred to even as a dancer by many Ministers including three-time CM OPS with one of them asking her name on stage with the mike on.

The list goes on with such comic cameos from the Cabinet of EPS. Small wonder Tamilnadu is a paradise for jokers and the eager meme-makers alike.

Jawahar T R