It was fun playing villain in ‘Sandakozhi 2’: Varalaxmi

Ever since Varalakshmi Sarathkumar starred her with Podaa Podi in 2012, there has been no turning back for this bold and confident actress.

In a few days from now, the much-awaited Sandakozhi 2 and Sarkar will be out.

Speaking to News Today, Varalaxmi says, “In Sandakozhi 2, I play larger than life character. I am loud, arrogant, dynamic and wants to take revenge. I am eagerly waiting for its release.”

Excerpts from her interview

Q: What made you to get into this industry?

A:I studied micro biology and was in the field of forensic science. In my childhood days, I was always into dancing and I also performed in theatre. Film acting came only later in my life. I always feel that I am the best when I am in front of a camera. My father (Sarathkumar) is happy about the way my career has shaped up. He is proud of me.

Q: Tell us about your role in Sandakozhi 2?

A: I play Pechi in the movie. She is an exaggerated version of a Madurai woman. She is a larger than life character. Pechi is loud, arrogant, dynamic and wants to get revenge. In the trailer, you may have seen that she is using aruval which isn’t usually done by a woman character. She speaks in a Tamil slang with Madurai flavour. It was a bit tough to do that. And as for the movie, the climax of Sandakozhi 2 was shot really well. I definitely feel that even after you finish watching the movie, you will be thinking about the climax. Something really unexpected happens in it.

Q: How was it like to play as an antagonist?

A: It was very fun. All credits to director Lingusamy. I had to do a small audition and I had to wear a saree and speak a few dialogues. During the shoot when Linguswamy Sir gets serious we would all end up laughing. The response for Pechi has been quite phenomenal. A lot of people have commented positively on Twitter. It is very nice to see that people are accepting actresses in negative roles. I am quite happy about it.

Q: How was it to shoot for Sarkar?

A: Sarkar was very exciting to do. I shared screen with Vijay and director Murugadoss was great. I don’t wish to reveal more about the movie. It is hitting the screens for Deepavali.

Q: What is your dream role?

A:I am here to break the rules of the industry. The thing that matters me the most is before the end of a day is I ask myself if I had performed a unique role. I prefer doing characters that are challenging. That is very important to me. I like to challenge myself. I would also love to play the role of our former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. She has been an inspiration to me for a lot of things. She is an iron lady.

Q: How do you see #Metoo movement in social media?

A: I have been speaking about it for quite a long time. I am happy and sad at the same time now. I am happy because several women are bravely coming out and are talking about their ordeal. And I am also sad because there are so many women affected.

I also think that victims don’t make false accusations. Because if they lie, things will back fire and they are risking their careers. But considering all this, these women have all come out and that’s quite courageous. We should also listen and not question them. It is easy to ask them why they are talking about this issue now. But they may have been very scared, or they may have kept quite because of their careers.

Not everyone have a luxury to say this. Also the allegations that have surfaced are in detail. You should note that no one can fabricate such claims just for fame. We should take the victim side because they have the benefit of the doubt. I also feel that death penalty is the easiest punishment for rape. I think chemical castration is best.

Mohammed Rayaan