Review: ‘Naan Avalai Sandhitha Pothu’ – Back to the 90’s

File photo of movie Naan Avalai Sandhitha Pothu

Naan Avalai Sandhitha Pothu, directed by LG Ravichander and starring Santhosh Pratap and Chandni Tamilarasan, is a film that is based on a true story.

Set in the 1990s, the story begins with Moorthy (Santhosh Prathap), who is an aspiring filmmaker from Coimbatore working as Assistant director in Chennai.

One day after work, he sees a woman sobbing after losing her way. He comes to know that she is Kumari (Chandini) who came to Chennai from her village near Mayavaram due to a family problem but has lost the address of her aunt’s house here. Moorthy advices her to go back to her village but Kumari insists him to come with her as she doesn’t know where to go in the new city.

Situations force him to accompany her till Mayavaram and when he was about to return to Chennai, she gets abducted by drunkards. Moorthy fights with them and saves her. He decides to leave her safely in her village. However situations take a turn as the villagers assume Moorthy as Kumari’s lover and decide in the Panchayat meeting that they should marry immediately. Without allowing Moorthy to speak, they make him tie the mangalsutra. Moorthy decides to run away from the village by night but the couple get into physical intimacy and Moorthy leaves the village the next day.

With Moorthy struggling to make out a living and with his mother looking for a suitable bride to get him married, Moorthy hears that Kumari is pregnant with his child and decides to live with her in Chennai. How he convinces his family to accept Kumari and whether he gets that major break as a director in the industry or not forms the rest of the story.

Kudos to the director for making us travel back to the 90s, right from the costumes to the usage of cycles and telephones the director has worked well to give us a picture how life was in the 90s. The film also had an overdose of sentiments that most of the films made in the 90s relied upon, by showing the everlasting love between husband and wife depite them struggling to make ends meet and showing a son who wants to do anything just to satisfy her mother.

Despite a slow first half, the film takes off only in the second half. Santhosh Prathap on his part has done well as Moorthy. Chandini however steals the show as Kumari with a tailor-made acting as an innocent village girl, giving a right mix of emotions whenever required. Making a movie about one’s own life is not easy and Ravichander, especially for that touching climax, deserves special applause for making this film.

Aaditya Anand M