Bigg Boss 2 Tamil: Ponnambalam finally out of the house

Chennai: After being nominated for seven consecutive times, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house contestant Ponnambalam finally got evicted.

The actor has got mixed response for his eviction on social media.

Although he was appreciated for his honesty in the game, he was also trolled for confronting certain perceptions towards culture and his arrogant behaviour against contestant Aishwarya.

Ponnambalam is the sixth contestant to get evicted from the house and as a twist to this episode, show host Kamal Haasan himself entered the house.

The contestants were thrilled and amused when they saw the actor entering the house. While sharing some points with the house members, the actor said, “I recently visited the sets of Malayalam Bigg Boss and met actor Mohanlal (host of Bigg Boss Malayalam). It is high time to have some responsibilities and stabilise your reputation.”

The host added, “Don’t be diplomats. People are watching. If you continue to wear your masks, the essence of the show will be lost and people will start hating you. Play the show honestly, not diplomatically. You will be loved for what you are; not for what type of mask you wear.”

Kamal also asked the people to conduct a ‘Grama Sabha’ on 15 August and to create awareness among people about its importance.

He wanted to clear the air about people’s comments about Ponnambalam’s behaviour (remember, he was said to have injured Aishwarya’s neck with shoelace?) inside the house. So Kamal asked him to stage a duplicate act on how he locked Aishwarya.

Ponnambalam did the same act on a woman in the audience. After this, the woman said, “Although he held me tightly, I wasn’t hurt.” And, the audience seemed convinced after this.


The two elder contestants, who stood behind the fellow contestants and guided them in terms of values and other such things – Ananth Vaidyanathan and Ponnambalam – have been evicted. Now, Balaji is the eldest contestant in the house, followed by Sendraayan and Mumtaz.