Potholes in Chennai suburban road irk commuters

Chennai: Residents and commuters at Chrompet in the city suburb are increasingly getting irked by the pot-holed stretches that connect Chrompet to Pallavaram Radial Road.

“We take a road adjoining SDNB Vaishnav College to reach Pallavaram Radial Road. Many prefer this route to avoid the one route via GST,” said Lakshmi Narayanan, a regular user.

“I take this stretch to commute to my office. But it is poorly maintained, thus making driving difficult for motorists. A fresh coat of tar would give us a comfortable ride,” he remarked.

No steps were taken despite several representations with authorities, it is alleged.

However, officials have assured that all roads will be re-laid in a phased manner, even as civic works for the same are underway in other parts of the locality.

Apart from its condition, the area also suffers from poor illumination.

“Though there are lamp posts near the intersection of Vinayagapuram and Viduthalai Nagar Extension, they do not provide sufficient lighting. It is not safe to drive here after sunset with just the headlights of the vehicles turned on. Speed-breakers with reflectors must be created at strategic spots to prevent motorists from speeding,” stated R Aishwarya, a resident of Vinayagapuram.

Given the volume of vehicles passing through the stretch, effective lights are a must here, felt many, who also said that the high-beam from four-wheelers coming in the opposite direction blurs the vision of motorists.

“The local body governing this area has to address the issues here at the earliest,” commuters said.

This news report is based on the inputs given by Lakshmi Narayanan, a resident of Chrompet. He is our Journalist of the Week.