Will Stalin-Alagiri friction affect DMK’s future?

Chennai: The message from the Madurai man is clear- “Don’t mess with me”.

And for the party started by Anna and nurtured by his thambi’s, the fight between this ‘anna’ and ‘thambi’ is not new.

But what’s new this time is- it is happening in the absence of M Karunanidhi, the dear daddy who knew how to keep things under control, even at times when they appeared to go out of hand.

That Alagiri, who was made to stay out of the party for four years, would revolt against Stalin’s leadership after Karunanidhi’s death was expected by many, if not almost all.

But what took everyone by surprise was his hurry, as he started the ‘Dharma Yuddham’ at his father’s ‘samadhi’ within a week of his death.

However, insiders say Alagiri is not at all in haste. “By obeying his father’s words, he waited with patience for four long years. He now feels if he still maintains silence, the party cannot be saved as vested interests are working overtime to destroy it,” they say.

In Alagiri’s own words,“Party posts are being sold. Many leaders are in touch with Rajinikanth”(to switch over to the actor’s yet-to-be launched party).

It is alleged by Alagiri’s circles that some senior leaders of the DMK who are ‘guiding’ Stalin are misleading him as they fear Alagiri’s re-entry would make things tough for them, as these satraps are ruining the party.

However, Stalin’s camp stands steady and clear. “Alagiri was expelled for his anti-party activities by thalaivar (Karunanidhi). There is no question of admitting him again in the DMK. We respect him as Kalaignar’s son, but family is second when it comes to the interests of the party.”

The hearsay is that Alagiri wanted plum posts for himself and his son Dayanidhi Alagiri in the DMK and its wings, a demand which was turned down by Stalin.

“Recently, a few senior members of the party and the family arranged for a patch-up meet. But no conclusion was arrived at.”

A few days ago, in an epistle to party members, Stalin made it clear that he is ready to face any obstacles, a remark which is said to be aimed at Alagiri.

With reports suggesting that Alagiri is planning a silent rally in Chennai during the first week of September (to mark the 30th day anniversary of Karunanidhi) after which he would reveal his future plans, one thing is clear- the man who is sleeping near his ‘Anna’ would certainly not love the fight between these two ‘uyirinum melana udanpirappugal’.