TNHB complex in Chennai to give way for residential, commercial building

Demolition work is on full swing at the Tamilnadu Housing Board (TNHB) complex at Ashok Nagar, Chennai. It is being done to pave the way for a 22-storey residential-cum-commercial building.

“It will take a month to clear all the debris and according to the plan, the project will be executed. There will be 22 floors. Of them, 18 will be for residential purpose (216 houses proposed) and the lower four will be for commercial establishments. It will take three years to complete the project,” a TNHB official said.

Tamilnadu Housing Board authorities will take at least a month to clear the debris from the demolished complex, after which the new building will be raised at Ashok Nagar.

Built in 1974, the ground-plus-two floors building spread across two-and-a-half-acres had 72 shops. State Bank of India, ration shops, government offices and commercial shops were functioning and they have moved to neighbouring areas.

TNHB complex used to be more lively after Udhayam Theatre complex came up in 1983. Textiles, jewellery and furniture shops operated here and residents of the neighbourhood used to visit regularly.

Of late, the charm faded when a wineshop was allowed to function inside the complex and also regular maintenance was not taken up by the authorities.

“The residential-cum-commercial mall, once constructed, will attract more people as Metro Rail station and cinema theatre complex are situated nearby,” said a senior TNHB official.