Viswanathapuram Main Road in Kodambakkam plagued with civic issues

Viswanathapuram Main Road at Kodambakkam is plagued with several civic issues, so to speak. Some of them, as alleged by motorists and residents, are open defecation, dumping of garbage and more.

Speaking about this, Vetri, a local said, “Many keep urinating on the walls. I am worried about the health hazards this might lead to.”

Shopkeepers too voiced their concern regarding this. “I have always seen motorists, even working professionals, urinate in the open,” noted a street vendor.

He also pointed out how garbage is dumped near an electric transformer, and that despite the presence of CCTV cameras and a large bin, waste is strewn in the corner.

Another problem that needs attention is the pasting of banners and posters on the walls here. “Over a period of time, they gather dust or are torn and dumped in the corner,” said Vetri, even as the vendor added, “At times, posters are stuck even over the electric junction box. What if the paper catches fire? That may be too dangerous.”