Scale Smart is an easy to read digital marketing guide

There are many books and online course on digital marketing that guides you how to make a dent online and attract customers. ‘Scale Smart: How To Get Your First 1000 Customers In India’ by Anirudh Narayan, published by NotionPress is perhaps the best easy to read digital marketing guide. To say in a nutshell, it is a textbook marketing course that covers every major social media platform like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. It offers step-by-step solutions to achieve growth in this arena.

The best part is that the author has approached founders of successful Indian startups like Slideshare, Byjus, RedBus, ShoutMeLoud, FreshWorks, Nearbuy, etc., and has asked them the moves they had taken to grow. Like for example, in the chapter ‘Email Marketing‘, the author explains about the strategies used by Urbanladder – an online furniture and decor retailer based out of Bangalore. Anirudh teaches us the different types of emails Urbanladder send to their customers. Each chapter comes loaded with key points to remember, tabular columns filled with pictures and explanatory notes and not to forget, easy to remember subheadings.

As I turned page after page, engrossed with this truck load of information, it felt like reading a massive compilation of immaculately written blog post. Like how a blog post comes laced with key words, data, pictures and other such resource, the chapters are seamless with tight editing making the book an easy to follow actionable guide.

I also feel that the book need not to be read chronologically as each chapters cover a different social media platform. However, it will be insightful to read from chapter one as you get to learn how the author wrote this book, how he reached out to founders of top Indian startups. To learn tricks from these entrepreneurs is something you can’t afford to miss. In an age of consistently staying glued to our phones/Internet, to have strong online presence for your business obviously matters. For anyone who aims to push his/her start up or online profile higher, then it is time to read ‘Scale Smart’.