Chennaiites collect, store metro water in barrels placed outside their houses

Chennai: A walk through the streets of Bharathipuram, Chennai, will ensure that one’s attention is moved to the huge blue barrels placed outside the homes here. These large containers are apparently used to collect and save Metro water that is supplied once in ten days to this locality.

R Ramadas, Secretary of Bharathipuram Residents’ Welfare Association, said, “Whenever the supply comes, all the locals gather in the street and collect water according to the need and availability.”

He added, “Thankfully, the ground water in my house hasn’t gone dry like in many other places, So, I don’t use these tanks. But, most of my neighbours have bought more than three of these per family. People have a clear understanding in this matter. There is no confusion or fight between them.”

Sukumar, a resident of the same locality, said, “I have five such containers in my home and the water I collect, does not last for even ten days. We are forced to use the drums because, our houses do not have storage sumps. Also, not everyone can afford to buy from private bodies. So, we collect water as much as we can, whenever we get the chance.”

Also, the locality does not have any huge tank, which can be filled, and used by the public as and when need arises.
Sukumar stated, “Even if they install one now, there will be confusions as to who is getting how many litres of water. What we are following now is quite clear.” “Even the recent rains have not resulted in any improvement in the groundwater level,” he added.