Review: Anti Indian

Blue Sattai Maran’s Anti Indian is a bold attempt that speaks about religious intolerance, indifference in society in the backdrop of a death. Maran’s directorial debut tries to be sarcastic but say things straightforward.
The movie begins with the death of Basha (Maran), a wall painter. His body is taken to his house in Foreshore Estate. When all procedures are completed and his body is taken to a mosque to be buried, they resist saying his mother is a Hindu.
Eventually when taken to a Hindu burial ground, the officials resist saying Basha is a Muslim by birth.
Enters a pastor, who says Baasha’s mother has converted to their religion and hence he should be buried as per their customs.
There is war of words between three communities. There is a subplot too. There is by-elections. And the Chief Minister (Radha Ravi) with the help of cops have different plans to face polls.
Radharavi, Aadukalam Naren have a part to play and does it well. Jayaraj, Muthuraman, Ghilli Maran, Vijay TV Bala are also in the cast. Besides directing the film, Naran has scored music too.Though Anti Indian is not a technically sound film, it is fairly engaging.