Bosch bets big on year end

Chennai: While the world sleeps into the first day of the year after a night of insane celebration, you wouldn’t want to be the only person waking up to dirty dishes, says consumer durable company Bosch.

‘Hosting a party is fun but also a huge responsibility, making sure all your guests have a good time and receive quality hospitality. With the best of food and drinks, your kitchen sink is most likely to pile up once the party’s over. So, if you haven’t invested in one already, now’s the time to finally go and get the Bosch dishwasher which will not only be a saviour on the New Year but also for all the amazing parties you’ll throw throughout 2022. A hassle-free, noise-free and a time efficient machine, it cleans up the toughest stains of the greasiest Indian curries,’ a statement adds.