Warden of children’s home arrested for sexual abuse

Chennai: Awarden of a government-aided children’s home in Tiruvannamalai was arrested after allegations that he had sexually abused inmates.

Police said eight students, who are staying in the hostel called Childline and lodged a complaint that the hostel warden has been sexually assaulting them.

The entire incident unfolded after seven boys aged between 14-16 years of age, who lived at the hostel, claimed that the warden had sexually assaulted and raped them for over three months,

The warden was identified as 36-year-old A Duraipandian, a native of Thoothukudi district.

Soon after the call, a team of officials from Childline, the District Child Protection Office (DCPO), and the police department went to the home and conducted an inquiry. The warden Duraipandian and administrator Sagayaraj were arrested.