Booking open for Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion, the E conclusion to the Jurassic era is now open for audiences in India. Advance booking goes live for Jurassic World Dominion in select cities – releasing 10 June.
These cities include Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Surat, Indore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and many others.

The makers dropped the trailer of the movie a few weeks ago and fans were in for a nostalgic surprise to see the golden trio from the Jurassic Park days reprising their roles for the upcoming movie.

Dominion will also see the return of Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant and Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler, along with Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcom. Making it grander, the movie touches upon the much spoken about argument – can dinosaurs and humans co-exists? The trailer encapsulates the very essence to keep the audience at the edge of their seats, expecting a grand farewell to the much-celebrated franchise.

Jurassic World Dominion is directed by Colin Trevorrow, who steered 2015’s Jurassic World to a record-shattering $1.7 billion global box office.

The screenplay is by Emily Carmichael & Colin Trevorrow from a story by Derek Connolly (Jurassic World) & Trevorrow, based on characters created by Michael Crichton. Jurassic World Dominion hits the theatres on 10th June in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

The movie releases in theatres in 3D, IMAX 3D, 4DX and 2D on in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.