Devotee dedicates Pathashala building to Kanchi Math

Veda Pathashala building in the name of Sri Chandramouleeshwara was dedicated by a devotee to Sri Kanchi Math.

A press releases said that Vijayendra Saraswathi blessed the Veda Pathashala at Kuntalur run in the name of Janardana Swamy who was given Sanyasa by Kanchi Mahaswami and who dedicated his life for Veda Dharma and inculcated Veda Anushthanams in several families in Andhra & Telangana as per Acharya’s directions.

“Blessed IFocus organization which focuses on developing Vedas, Culture, Science, Arts and human values by running regular classes, identifying bubbling talents and recognising experts in their respective fields by felicitating them,” the release added.

Vijayendra Saraswathi also visited few temples and graced houses of devotees of Kanchi Peetham.