Ensure water from Mettur is not wasted: OPS

Chennai : AIADMK coordinator O Panneerselvam urged the State government to take all the required measures so that the water opened from the Mettur dam would not be wasted in the Delta region.

In a statement, Panneerselvam said that due to heavy rain in Karnataka’s water catchment areas, the inflow of water in the Mettur dam has increased and the Tamilnadu government has been planning to open the Mettur dam for cultivation in Delta areas on May 24 instead of customary water release on June 12.

“Since the water released earlier from the Mettur dam, it would facilitate the farmers for more cultivation and therefore, the government should ensure that the water should not be wasted,” he added.

“In order to save all the water, which was opened from the Mettur dam, the government should also take steps to save it by adopting all water management resources,” he said.