Minister warns legal action against Annamalai

BJP leader Annamalai has been making false claims on Aavin health mix. A legal case will br initiated against him, said Minister for Milk and Dairy Development SM Nasar.

Addressing media persona in Coimbatore,the Minister said, ‘The possibility of making a health mix by Aavin is under consideration. “Only after an analysis, the health mix products will be brought to sale. But, Annamalai made a wrong allegation of making Rs 77 crore loss. A case will be initiated against him’.

A few days ago, Annamalai , said, ‘PL Health Mix has taken the contract in a monopolistic way. But why was the contract not given to Aavin Health Mix. Ministers Nasser and M Subramaniam have been giving contradictory statements. It is their duty to clear doubts in this regard’.

On State government’s threat to file a case against him, Annamalai said a number of lawsuits have been filed against him. ‘The minister of power has sued me for Rs 10 crore. So far, about Rs 620 crore worth cases have been filed against me in the state. No matter who sues or threatens us, the BJP will not back down from what it does, he stated.