Prince – Review

Sivakarthikeyan is back to where his strength lies – doing a full-fledged comedy film. His latest release Prince, directed by Anudeep, is all about an innocent youngster and events that unfold in his life. If his last film Don was about showdown between dad and son, Prince is more about a doting father and his ward.
The romantic drama is about Sivakarthikeyan, a teacher who falls in love with a British teacher, essayed by Maria Riaboshapka, while working together at the same school. There comes opposition from their families. How the couple unites forms the crux. Anudeep has chosen to narrate the events in a funny way.
Sivakarthikeyan dives into his character from the word go. He dances, romances, fights and very importantly evokes laughter with his one-liners. His screen presence adds strength to Prince. Sathyaraj as doting dad comes all through, and reminds one of a role that he played in Varuthpadatha Vaalibar Sangam before. Ukranian actress Maria Riaboshapka is welcome addition to Kollywood. Surprisingly her lip sync to Tamil dialogues is to the T.
Anudeep derives humour from tough situations with a sense of silliness. At places it is cliched, while in most parts makes one laugh loud.
Humour is a serious business. Had Anudeep maintained consistency, Prince would have been celebrated as King.