‘I have an asset of same value’: Kangana reveals

Actor Kangana Ranaut on Friday revealed that she had to mortgage her house, office and every single thing she owned in order to make her film ‘Emergency’. Taking to Twitter, a user told Kangana, “Pathaan’s single day earning is more than your life time earnings.” To which she replied, “Nimo bhai, i don’t have any earnings left. I have put my house my office every single thing that I owned on mortgage just to make a film which celebrates the Constitution of India and our love for this great nation … paise toh sabhi kama lete hain aisa koi hai jo aise udai ?” Soon after Kangana made the revelation on social media, many fans praised the actor for her efforts while some of them asked the ‘Queen’ actor to share her bank account details in order to help her overcome this situation. To which she wrote, “No no, investing all your earnings in a project or start up is not same as going broke … if I have invested hundred crores I also have an asset of the same value (movie Emergency), which is capable of making 3-4 times more money also. But thanks for asking.” Kangana’s Twitter account, which was blocked in May 2021, was restored on January 24, after over 20 months. However, an official blue tick from her profile is still missing.