YouTube to bring 30-second non-skip ads to TVs

Google-owned YouTube has announced that it will introduce 30-second non-skip ads on connected TVs (CTVs), replacing the two 15-second consecutive ads.

“We’re bringing 30-second non-skips to YouTube Select on CTV,” YouTube said in a blogpost on Thursday.

The company said that running longer-form creative on the big screen aligns with advertisers’ objectives, and allows for richer storytelling.

As YouTube Select is now landing over 70 per cent of impressions on the TV screen, the company is making it easier for advertisers to use existing assets in front of the most-streamed content.

Moreover, the company is bringing new Pause experiences to CTV, so advertisers can drive awareness or action by owning that unique interactive moment when people pause a video, meaning it will allow advertisers to showcase their brand when a video is paused.

In addition, YouTube announced that advertisers will soon be able to reach football fans across its entire portfolio of NFL content, including live games on YouTube TV and Primetime Channels, as well as while watching highlights, post-game commentary, and other related content.