Greta Gerwig rules out possibility of ‘Barbie’ sequel ‘

Barbie’ director as of the moment has ruled out a potential sequel to her fantasy-comedy film, stating that as of now she has no ideas about any sequel to the massively successful movie, saying that while she does not want to squash any fan expectations, at the moment this is all she’s got. As reported by Variety, speaking to the ‘New York Times’ whether the success of ‘Barbie’ could lead to the start of any kind of franchise, the director said: “At this moment, it’s all I’ve got. I feel like that at the end of every movie, like I’ll never have another idea and everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I did. I wouldn’t want to squash anybody else’s dream but for me, at this moment, I’m at totally zero.” Following the massive success of the movie amid the huge ‘Barbenheimer’ war, which doesn’t seem to be dying down despite the fact that both movies are currently in their second week, Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz had previously expressed his own excitement about the film and said that Mattel is very keen to make more ‘Barbie’ films.