Modi govt in panic, says Rahul on Parliament’s special session

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has termed the Narendra Modi government’s decision to call a “special session of Parliament” from September 18 to 22 “an indicator of a little panic.” “I think maybe it is an indicator of a little panic. The same type of panic that happened when I spoke in Parliament House, the panic that suddenly made them revoke my Parliament membership,” the Congress leader said in Mumbai on Thursday.  “So, I think it is panic because these matters are very close to the Prime Minister. Whenever you touch the Adani matter, the PM gets very uncomfortable and very nervous,” he added. Targeting the BJP-led government over fresh allegations concerning the Adani group, Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of “being quiet” and said the least that should be done is a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe. Addressing a press conference, Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of “protecting one person” and asked “why he is he not forcing an investigation”. The Gandhi scion referred to the G20 Summit being hosted by India and the reports on the Adani group in two British papers and said the allegations impact perception about India. @@@@@