“Balaji Gopinath’s ‘Kaar Vizhigalil’: A Tamil Indie Symphony Celebrating Nature”

Chennai-based music composer and keyboardist, Balaji Gopinath, has unveiled his latest independent Tamil orchestral composition, “Kaar Vizhigalil.” This mesmerizing piece features the enchanting voices of Shweta Mohan and Haricharan, while the evocative lyrics have been crafted by the renowned wordsmith GKB, known for his work in hits like “Nee Kavidhaigala” and “Adiye.”

“Kaar Vizhigalil” is a heartfelt ode to the beauty of nature, expressed through eloquent Tamil verses. Elevating the composition to grandeur, a 61-piece orchestra from Europe, the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Abel Tompa, lends its majestic sound.

Balaji Gopinath, the composer, and keyboard maestro, has orchestrated and arranged the score, imbuing it with his artistic vision. The final touch to this auditory masterpiece comes from the skilled hands of renowned sound engineer Sai Shravanam, ensuring an impeccable audio experience.

The official release of “Kaar Vizhigalil” on Balaji Gopinath’s YouTube channel showcases the musical performance in stunning visuals, expertly captured by Subash and artfully edited by Bharath Vikram. The song is now available on YouTube and various streaming platforms, promising listeners an uncommonly enchanting indie orchestral experience that may keep them returning for more.