Chennai airport bomb disposal squad gets new tech suit

Chennai: A new bomb suit with state-of-the art technology and features was introduced for the CISF Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad at Chennai Airport today.


A high-profile passenger was denied permission to fly at the city airport on Wednesday, after he, apparently irked by the multiple security screenings in view of Independence Day, told airline officials that he had a bomb.

Sources say Tamilnadu Dr Ambedkar Law University Vice-Chancellor, Tamma Suryanarayana Sastry, the passenger in question, was allowed to leave the place only after an MP intervened and a top official bailed him out at his own risk.

File photo of Sastry.

On account of Independence Day, seven-tier security was in place at Chennai airport and all passengers were subjected to tight scrutiny. Sastry, who was supposed to travel to Bengaluru, was one among them.

Sources said he was frisked by the security personnel just like how they did for other passengers.

“After the checks, Sastry went to a private airline’s counter to get the boarding pass. The staff at the counter had asked what Sastry was carrying in his bag. Already irritated going through so many security checks, he had said he had a bomb in the bag,” sources added.

Shocked by his reply, the staff intimated the CISF officials who came to the spot and checked his belongings.

“Even after ensuring that there was nothing suspicious, the CISF personnel did not allow him to board the flight,” sources said.

Being made to wait at the airport for a long time, Sastry contacted several people and at last sought the help of an MP, who, in turn, informed about this to a deputy manager of the airport.

The official rushed to the spot immediately and spoke to the CISF officials. Sastry was allowed to board the flight only after the deputy manager gave a personal guarantee. This incident, it is learnt, created a huge scene at the airport yesterday.

Balasubramani Muniyandi