Finance professional and life coach, pens book in a month

Chennai: When Vivek S Ishwar sat down to write a book, he did not imagine that he would become a published author within a month. A finance professional, Vivek’s life changed ever since he released his book, Walk the Wire, in December 2018. His book is a guide for ‘millennials to find balance and accomplish all their goals’. Vivek is also a certified life coach and currently trains over 20 people from six different countries.

‘The idea to write the book came when I was having a phone conversation with a friend. She asked me questions like goals and happiness, and to my surprise I had a lot to say. Soon, I released that I should write a book,’ Vivek told News Today. He adds, ‘I took it as a challenge to see how it goes. To be honest, I never knew if I could complete it but as I wrote, I discovered that I had a lot more in me.’

Once his book was done, Vivek shared it with his parents and friends who offered feedback. Meanwhile, he also created a blog and started sharing posts on life advice. ‘I wanted to show people that I had another side to me apart from being a finance professional,’ says Vivek who is an auditor.

Vivek is passionate about being a life coach. ‘I focus on mental health and I share all my knowledge on Instagram,’ he explains. Here, Vivek uploads one-minute videos, sharing positive messages. He also points out that all his life coaching methods focus on the brain. ‘I read a lot about mental health and I am fascinated by it,’ he says.

How does he stay motivated? ‘The short answer is I coach myself,’ he laughs, but adds seriously, ‘Whatever field we choose, it will be hard.’ He recalls that he used to be camera conscious but now he feels comfortable to shoot videos for his Instagram page. ‘When you start as a life coach, people will question your credibility,’ he says. ‘You will have to move on. You will face negativity but you have to keep moving forward. Nobody reaches success without being a failure first.’ Visit his website