What does it take to run fashion biz on Instagram?

When Instagram entered app stores in 2010, little did we know that it will be a game changer. Today, it has over a billion users and has influenced major industries from fashion to music, from entertainment to travel. According to media reports, fashion is billed as one of the most followed category here. Millions of entrepreneurs have found success through this platform. However, it is difficult to run your business as you need to stay on top of the swarming content and immense competition. So, News Today asked three Chennai-based fashion entrepreneurs what does it take to thrive on Instagram.

Shanaz Rukshana | @the.hijabcompany.in
(Offer unique, versatile hijabs and modest wear for women)

Shanaz Rukshana

Our reach on Instagram is through collaborations, constant posts and stories on our page. We spend a certain amount every other month for ads. We immediately answer questions received on Instagram. We are also in touch with customers via WhatsApp and e-mail. With ever changing algorithm of Instagram, it gets a little tricky. But again, collaborations and ads helps us gain followers.

To make your followers into customers, offering great quality and good will matters. Having engaging content and polls, asking your customer’s preference and needs are important. We note down which products sell faster and work on making better products. We make sure to address concerns and reviews of customers after they receive our products. All this in the end gives a fruitful sale or trusted purchase. Only then can we hope to have a returning customer.

Afrin | @label_afeera
(Brand is known for its ethnic wear and modest clothing collections)


Instagram is a platform where we have so many competitors. We stay active and keep maintaining our feed to attract new clients and followers. We always keep our account active by posting stories which includes Q&As, polls, live sessions and a post. We interact with customers through direct messages on Instagram, try to find out what they expect and focus on making them feel comfortable with us. If any of our clients find it hard to communicate through texts message, we immediately reach them over the phone. Engagement plays a vital role on Instagram.

The reach to our followers/clients are low due to Instagram’s ever changing algorithm. It affects many businesses but we try different ways to boost our reach through promotions or collaborations. While collaborating with new brands or fashion influencers, there is a huge reach. Right hashtags helps us reach right people.

Neha Khamar and Sumaiya Khamar | @all_about_sole
(sell premium and imported handcrafted leather footwear)

Neha Khamar
Sumaiya Khamar

Instagram can sometimes be tricky due to its changing algorithms and its really hard to find followers. We send our products to fashion bloggers for promotions and it help us gain popularity. It is essential to keep updating profile by posting pictures and by organising giveaways. We keep special offers and discounts every festive season which attracts people. When ever we get any queries, we respond promptly as customers appreciate it. We make sure to give our customers a hundred percent satisfaction with our products. It helps us to gain more customers and helps us grow.