New batch of UK’s military aid delivered to Ukraine

Kiev: Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced on Wednesday that a new batch of military assistance from the United Kingdom was delivered to Kiev.

Feb 8-9 the cargo with military-technical aid arrived to Ukraine from the UK – military goods & equipment for the Territorial Defense Forces of @ArmedForcesUkr: bulletproof vests, helmets, etc. Thanks to our partners for their unwavering political & diplomatic support & military assistance, Reznikov wrote on Twitter.

In January 2022, the UK already delivered several thousand anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly dismissed Western allegations of its intention to invade Ukraine with troops it has allegedly been amassing near the common border, adding that Western information hysteria seems to be a cover for Kiev’s plans to sabotage the Minsk agreements on the conflict in the breakaway region of Donbas.

In addition, Russia has expressed concern over NATO’s activities near its borders, which it deems to be a threat to national security, as well as military assistance to Ukraine by Western nations.