Want to do good for my land: Chidambaram

Actor Chidambaram, who was part of films like Karnan and Rudhra Thandavam, is committed to serve the society and also leave a mark doing varied roles in cinema.

President of Thenkasi Football Association, Chidambaram is also part of an association that strives to protect nature. He single-handedly fought and made sure that 20 lorries that carried waste from Kerala to sump it in Tamilnadu return back. He even receiver death threats from anti-socials.

Chidambaram says being part of the cinema gives me liberty to reach more people with my idea to serve the society and educate people on preserving nature. He thanked Mari Selvaraj and Mohan G for giving opportunity in their films.

Asked about his forthcoming films, Chidambaram says, ‘I am doing a negative role in a web series titled 143. It has come good. Soon I will be working in Hip Hop Adhi’s film. Also I will be acting alongside Karthick in a movie to be directed by Raju Murugan’.