PTR slams Tejasvi Surya

Palanivel Thiaga Rajan

Chennai: A heated argument took place between Tamilnadu Finance Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan and Bengaluru BJP MP Tejasvi Surya over the arrest of a BJP youth wing leader in Tamilnadu on charges of spreading fake news.

PTR had posted a screenshot of a tweet by BJP Yuva Morcha functionary Arul Prasad, and said his claim of PTR speaking about a ‘cooling jacket” worth Rs 17 crore which was worn by Chief Minister MK Stalin during his recent trip to Dubai was fake. In the meantime, Arul Prasad was also arrested.

Following this, Tejasvi tweeted, ‘Tamil Nadu is turning into a facist state with the ruling DMK using all its might to stop BJP’s growth. Illegal arrest of @BJYMinTN karyakarta Atul Prasad for flagging TN CM & FM’s fake news will not deter us from working for Tamil Makkal. @BJYM demands his immediate release.’

Reacting to this, PTR tweeted: ‘See them making a mistake and making it look like they are fighting for the freedom of speech. All this is a little too much for Tamil Nadu people.’

According to the police, Arul Prasad (30) was arrested for posting a fake news card on Twitter which said that a ‘cooling jacket’ worn by Stalin during his recent trip to Dubai was worth Rs 17 crore and attributed the information to Finance Minister PTR.