Jai shoots for a costly stunt sequence

Actor Jai’s upcoming movie Breaking News, produced by K Thirukkadal K.Uthayam and directed by Andrew Pandian had recently shot an action sequence in a flight reportedly cost Rs one crore for the flight sets alone.

Andrew Pandian says, ‘Since the fight was planned to shoot in a cargo flight, the stunts were challenging and Jai was so committed that he has done the action blocks on his own without using the double.

Jai was so sportive and energetic all over the shoot that he cooperated very well to make the scenes more lively.’

The movie casts Bhanu Reddy in female lead role, Big Boss Snehan, Rahul Dev, Dev Gill, Jayaprakash, Santhana Bharathi, Pazha.Karuppaiah, MohanRam, Thenappan, Baby Maanasvi and more.

Cinematography is done by  Jhonny Lal / Sevilo Raja, Editing by Antony, Music by Vishal Peter, Art Direction by N.M.Mahesh and Vfx Supervisor Prabhakar.

Stunt by Stunner Sam and choreography by Raadhika.