Is Pattina Pravesam ban politically motivated?

Chennai: Many Hindu organisations have condemned the ban on Pattina Pravesam, a ritual of carrying the mutt head of Dharmapuram Adheenam’ in a palanquin and termed it a political move.

Vaishnavaite Guru Mannargudi Sri Sendalangara Jeeyar has strongly come out against the ban by the DMK government. In a statement, he said: I warn this Dharmadrohi and Desadrohi government of Tamil Nadu for their anti- Hindu works. If they interfere with the works of Hindu beliefs and temples there will be strong repercussions from the Hindus.

Hindus targeted

A senior RSS leader said, ‘We will coordinate all the like-minded organisations as well as other Mutts and spiritual centres against the government decision. This is a calculated move of the DMK government against the Hindus and the rituals of the Hindus and cannot be allowed.’

He added, ‘The Adheenam is a Tamil word meaning a Shaivite mutt and the Dharmapuram Adheenam was to carry out the function on May 22 when it was banned by the State government. The current pontiff of the Dharamapuram Aadheenam Srilasri Masilamani Gnanasambanda paramacharya Swamigal took charge of the Mutt on December 13, 2019, and was carried on a palanquin to mark his taking charge as pontiff.’

Protection sought

Meanwhile a group of lawyers have sought protection for Madurai Adheenam and his Mutt. They approached the Commissioner of Police, Madurai City, T Senthil Kumar on Thursday and submitted a petition. The lawyers sought deployment of armed security police for the Adheenam and his Mutt, which enjoys the pride of 293-year-old tradition. The Adheenam in Madurai had recently felt that his life was under threat and the Mutt too.

What Adheenam said?

This tradition was not even banned by the British. I studied and grew up there. I will go there directly and we’ll conduct it. It should not be stopped, you should not get involved in tradition. Until now, it has not stopped. Why is the palanquin tradition being banned now? stated Gnanasambandha Desigar, seer of Madurai Adheenam.

Politics, pressure.

Opposition Leader Edappadi K Palaniswami too raised the issue of Mayiladuthurai district administration denying permission for Dharmapuram Adheenam’s ‘Pattina Pravesham’ event where the Pontiff is carried in a palanquin by people.

EPS said ‘Pattina Pravesham’ event is a tradition and hence it should be allowed since it’s a spritual event.

Meanwhile TN BJP chief Annamalai said, ‘
Article 23 of the constitution on forced labour that was invoked by the Myladuthurai RDO was not applicable to the religious event. He said that pupils who are carrying the palanquins consider this as a divine service to the God.’