BJP will rewrite Constitution: Chidambaram

Chennai : Senior Congress leader and Former Union Minister P Chidambaram has cautioned that the ruling BJP at the Centre will definitely rewrite the Constitution if its gets two-thirds majority in Rajya Sabha also and said it has to be stalled. In his address at the end of the two-day brainstorming meet of the Tamil Nadu Congress in the tourist spot of Mamallapuram, about 55 km from here, to deliberate on the resolutions adopted at the Udaipur Chintan Shivir, he said if the situation comes to such a pass, the country would not remain peaceful anymore.

The BJP, which already has two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha, is trying very hard to get a two-thirds majority in the Rajya Sabha also. If they achieve that, they will definitely rewrite the Constitution, he said. “They already have two-thirds in the Lok Sabha. They are trying very hard for getting a two-thirds majority in the Rajya Sabha. If they get that, they will definitely rewrite the Constitution. Once they do that, this country will not remain a peaceful country anymore and will turn into a land of riots”, he said, sounding a note of caution. “We have to say this out loudly now itself, warn everyone. No point saying it after it happens. This has to be prevented,” Chidambaram said.

Pointing out that there were 20 crore Muslims in India and how could a country could be run without giving them economic, political rights, he charged the BJP with targetting Muslims, vilifying them to be in power just like in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Observing that the BJP did not give any representation to Muslims despie ruling in 15 states, Chidambaram, who was elected to Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu for the first time a few days back, claimed that “This is not by accident. This is by design. There are 20 crore Muslims in India. How can you run a country without giving them economic, political rights? This is just madness,” he added.

While welcoming the suspension of the BJP spokesperson Nupur and Delhi media cell head Naveen Kumar Jindal following outrage by a number of West Asian countries for their controversial comments, Chidambaram said these two were “only loudspeakers of their master’s voice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others’. “Was it these two who started this type of rhetoric? They are only tools, arrows. The bows are held by their masters,” he alleged.