Custodial death: SOP issued for cops

Chennai : In the wake of another custodial death within a span of two months, the police department has issued a standard operating procedures (SOP) to follow for all its personnel and rules for various wings were also issued for handling different types of cases. To prevent police violence, leading to the death of a suspect or accused in police custody, the SOP suggests sensitizing all police personnel against use of force as a first step. Police personnel are suggested to rely on scientific interrogation techniques instead of using force to extract confession. “There need not be any undue pressure for recovery of property,” it stated and also pointed out that if the accused is involved in cases of assault on police, there is a tendency among police personnel to assault them in police stations. “Hence, the accused should not be kept in the same police station where the assault took place and the Inspector should be present till the accused is remanded,” the SOP noted. The SOP also suggested to ensure CCTV is installed and is in working condition in the police stations, hospitals, jails to counter any false allegation of police torture.