All is well, says CM

Chief Minister MK Stalin said that he would return to active government and party duty after a couple of days.

Writing to his party cadre, Stalin, who has been on rest since Sunday owing to ‘mild fever’, said, “I will be ready to discharge active government and party duty with the same enthusiasm and energy in a couple of days. No rest for us. Numero uno position is our target. Efforts to achieve the target with the strength of your (cadre) love will continue.”

Referring to the speech delivered by his cabinet colleague Duraimurugan on his behalf at functions scheduled for him due to illness, the Chief Minister said, “As soon as media published news of it (my illness), affectionate cadre, alliance leaders and people from various walks of life started inquiring about my health in a state of panic. I am aware that their affection is the reason for panic. However, there is nothing to the extent of panicking. I had to rest as per doctor’s advice due to a mild fever. I will be able to continue my work as usual if I rest today and tomorrow. I am doing well. I will continue my duty.”