Modi takes a dig at Cong

Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched an all-out attack on the Congress, accusing it of “kneeling” before terrorism to save its vote bank.

At an election rally for his party, the BJP, in Karnataka’s Bellari, he accused the grand old party of opposing the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’, which he said is based on a terror conspiracy. Congress is standing with terror tendencies, he said.

“Bombs, guns, and pistols make a lot of sound, but there is no sound of a terrorist conspiracy which can hollow the society from within. Even the court has expressed concern over this form of terror. There are a lot of discussions these days about the film ‘The Kerala Story’ based on such a terrorist conspiracy,” he said and accused the Congress of opposing the film made on terrorism and standing with terror tendencies.

Calling it “disinformation”, the PM, while beginning his speech, dismissed the pre-poll surveys giving an edge to Congress in the May 10 Assembly elections in the southern state.