Tammannah to play a cop

Set to play a cop in the investigative thriller ‘Aakhri Sach’, actress Tamannaah Bhatia said that she finds it strange that conventionally good-looking actors often carry a badge of not being able to do serious roles, adding that she always felt it’s easier to be realistic. Stepping into a character that is at the epicentre of a complex situation demands vulnerability and strength from an actor. This process can lead to self-discovery and a genuine connection with the audience, creating a powerful and authentic performance. Talking about the same, Tamannaah, who plays the role of Anya in ‘Aakhri Sach’ said: “I find it strange that actors, especially conventionally good-looking actors, often carry this kind of badge of not being able to do serious roles. Glam characters take as much work as something realistic. I have always felt that it’s easier to be realistic as you are getting closer to reality.” “When you are putting up a persona that is larger than life, it’s always more difficult; it comes purely from your imagination. Playing a character like this is more cathartic for an actor. To be honest, I felt very raw and somewhat naked while performing this character. While, I am playing a cop in ‘Aakhri Sach’, I am very glad to say that I really had to keep myself vulnerable, which helped me play Anya,” she added.