TN Guv crosses boundaries of a constitutional functionary: Karthi Chidambaram

Congress MP Karthi Chidambaram on Monday hit out at Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi and said that he always has the sort of comments that are “unbecoming” of the office he holds and always crosses the boundaries of a constitutional functionary.

“The Governor of Tamil Nadu has always sort of comments which are unbecoming of the office he holds. He was a troublemaker in his previous assignment in Nagaland, and he continues to be a troublemaker in Tamil Nadu. I would urge the President to withdraw the pleasure of this Governor and recall him immediately. He always crosses the boundaries of constitutional functionary,” Chidambaram said.

Speaking on the new Parliament building, the Congress MP said, “I think everybody is, nostalgic about this building. I hope in the new building, the foundations of democracy will be further strengthened where the voice of the Opposition voices will also be heard.”