Develop action plan to avert accidents:CM

Chennai: In a bid to address the growing issue of traffic congestion in Chennai and the alarming number of road accident casualties in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M K Stalin has urged the state police to develop a special action plan.

This call to action came during a two-day Law and Order review meeting at the State Secretariat, where District Collectors and police superintendents gathered to discuss critical matters.

During his opening remarks, Chief Minister Stalin expressed his deep concern over Tamil Nadu’s status as one of the states with a high number of road accident casualties. This pressing issue has prompted him to take immediate action to safeguard the lives of Tamil Nadu’s citizens.

The primary objective of the special action plan is to reduce traffic congestion, which has become a significant challenge in Chennai, one of India’s bustling metropolises. Traffic congestion not only causes frustration for commuters but also contributes to road accidents due to erratic driving behavior and a lack of adherence to traffic rules.

Chief Minister Stalin emphasised the need for collaboration between the police, highway, and transport departments to create comprehensive strategies to mitigate these issues. These strategies will encompass various measures, including increased patrolling, stricter enforcement of traffic rules, and public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about safe driving practices.

Moreover, inspections will be conducted to identify accident-prone areas and assess the effectiveness of traffic management systems. By identifying and rectifying road infrastructure deficiencies and implementing modern traffic management technologies, the government aims to make Tamil Nadu’s roads safer for all.

This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to improving road safety and reducing the number of accidents in the state. Chief Minister Stalin’s call for a collaborative effort involving multiple departments demonstrates a holistic approach to tackling the issue of traffic congestion and road accidents.