CM urges officials to protect wildlife and natural resources

In a significant move towards environmental conservation and addressing the challenges of human-animal conflicts, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister MK Stalin has urged government officials to take proactive measures. Speaking at a recent review meeting, he emphasized the need for swift resolution of these conflicts and ensuring compensation to affected families. Swift Action on Human-Animal Conflicts At a two-day review meeting attended by district collectors, forest officers, and police officials, Chief Minister MK Stalin stressed the urgency of addressing human-animal conflicts. These conflicts often arise due to the encroachment of wildlife habitats by human settlements and agricultural activities, leading to increased encounters between humans and animals. Stalin instructed District Forest Officers to expedite the resolution of these conflicts, emphasising the importance of prompt action to minimize harm to both humans and animals. He called for the immediate disbursement of compensation to families affected by such conflicts, highlighting the government’s commitment to providing support to victims. Protecting Wildlife and Natural Resources Recognizing the significance of Tamil Nadu’s diverse ecosystems, including mangroves and coral reefs, the Chief Minister urged officials to prioritize their conservation efforts. Mangroves play a crucial role in safeguarding coastlines from erosion and provide habitats for various species, while coral reefs are essential for marine biodiversity. Stalin’s call for the protection of these natural resources underscores the state’s commitment to preserving its unique ecosystems and fostering environmental sustainability. Initiatives for Environmental Conservation In addition to addressing human-animal conflicts, Chief Minister Stalin encouraged the implementation of the ‘Meendum Majapai’ scheme, which focuses on reducing plastic usage in the state. This initiative aligns with global effort