Fifth hoax bomb threat at Chennai airport in two weeks

Chennai: Chennai International Airport faced its fifth hoax bomb threat in the last two weeks, causing significant alarm and resulting in intensive security measures.

An email received by the airport director’s office late last night warned that an explosive device had been planted on the premises.

Upon receiving the threat, security forces were promptly alerted, and the bomb detection and disposal squad was immediately deployed. Senior officers held an emergency meeting that included personnel from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), State police, and senior airport officials.

Although the threat was quickly identified as a hoax, officials opted to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the safety of the airport. CISF and airport police intensified patrols and inspections across various critical areas, including vehicle parking zones, aircraft refueling zones, and cargo handling areas. Only vehicles that had undergone rigorous inspection were allowed inside the premises.

While the hoax threat did not disrupt flight services, it did cause inconvenience to the public due to repeated and intensive security checks. This series of hoax threats has heightened concerns and led to increased vigilance at the airport.

The police are actively tracking the source of the threatening email to apprehend the individual responsible for these hoax threats. Authorities have assured that strict action will be taken against the perpetrator to deter such incidents in the future.