Indira Gandhi unleashed ruthless atrocities on people of India during Emergency: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday criticised the Congress party on the 50th anniversary of the Emergency for its autocratic actions and said that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi unleashed ruthless atrocities on the people of India during the Emergency.
Shah also quoted an old speech of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, accusing the party of crushing the spirit of our Constitution for power retention.
Amit Shah said, “The yuvraj of the Congress party has forgotten that his grandmother imposed the Emergency and his father, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, on July 23, 1985, said in the Lok Sabha, taking much pride in this horrific episode, “There is nothing wrong with an Emergency.”
His post added, “Mr Rajiv Gandhi even said, “If any Prime Minister of this country who feels that an Emergency is necessary, under these circumstances and does not apply the Emergency, he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country.”
“This very act of taking pride in a dictatorial act shows that nothing else is dear to the Congress other than the family and power,” Amit Shah added.