DA hike for members of weavers cooperative societies

Minister for Handlooms and Textiles, R Gandhi, announced several key initiatives to support handloom weavers during a state assembly session on Thursday. One of the major announcements was a 10% increase in dearness allowance for members of handloom weavers’ cooperative societies, which will benefit members of 1,114 societies across the state.
In a bid to further support the sector, ten new handloom clusters will be established in Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs 20 crore. These clusters are expected to benefit 2,000 weavers, providing them with better infrastructure and support. Additionally, Dye Houses will be set up in Vellore and Nagercoil with an investment of Rs 1.50 crore, enhancing the capabilities of local weavers in these regions.
During the debate for grants for the department, Minister Gandhi emphasized the importance of integrating new technologies into the handloom sector. To facilitate this, the department will allocate Rs 3 crore to help 3,000 weavers procure new looms and accessories, ensuring they have access to modern tools and equipment.
The minister also announced plans to obtain Geographical Indication (GI) tags for five traditional products to preserve and promote their unique heritage. The products include lungis from Gudiyattam in Vellore district, Koorainadu Sarees, Nagercoil Veshti, and Woraiyur Sarees. These tags will help in recognizing the distinctive quality and reputation of these handloom products, potentially increasing their market value and demand.