Modi tells NDA MPs not to behave like Rahul Gandhi in Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a meeting of NDA MPs ahead of today’s parliamentary proceedings, emphasised the importance of maintaining decorum and showing respect in the house. “Don’t behave like Rahul Gandhi in parliament,” Modi urged, stressing the need for dignified conduct among his party members.

Modi remarked that the Congress party is struggling to come to terms with a tea vendor becoming Prime Minister for the third time. He pointed out that Rahul Gandhi’s recent address in parliament reflects this sentiment. “Their discomfort is evident,” Modi stated, attributing the Congress’s unease to the NDA’s continued success.

The session witnessed heated exchanges between Rahul Gandhi, NDA MPs, and prominent leaders like Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Rahul Gandhi’s speech, marked by sharp criticisms of the government, ignited a fiery debate on the floor.

The session’s intensity underscores the charged political atmosphere, with both sides gearing up for vigorous debates on critical national issues.