Refrain from using Vijayakanth’s Image through AI: Premalatha 

DMDK general secretary Premalatha Vijayakanth issued a strong statement on Friday, urging the Tamil film industry not to use Captain Vijayakanth’s image in films through Artificial Intelligence without prior permission.
“A warm request to everyone from the Tamil film fraternity. Various reports come from multiple platforms about using Captain Vijayakanth’s roles in films through Artificial Intelligence. I request you all to refrain from announcing such things without our prior permission,” Premalatha stated.
She emphasized the need for obtaining appropriate permissions before any such usage, pointing out that no one has yet received authorization to employ AI to recreate Vijayakanth’s image or roles in movies.
“No one has yet obtained any permission to use Captain Vijayakanth through AI in movies. Therefore, I kindly request you to refrain from publishing press releases, news in audio launch events, etc., without permission,” she added.
This appeal comes amid growing discussions and reports about the potential use of AI to digitally recreate and feature past roles of veteran actors in new films.