Rajiv Gandhi’s regressive legacy erased, Says BJP on SC verdict

The Supreme Court order on maintenance for divorced women has come as a vindication of BJP’s longstanding opposition to the Rajiv Gandhi govt overruling the SC verdict in Shah Bano case even as the party welcomed the judgment and said those displaying the Constitution and pledging adherence to it were exposed once again.
At a press conference, Rajya Sabha MP and BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said the Rajiv govt’s decision to enact a law to overrule an apex court judgment granting alimony to divorced Muslim women was one of the biggest threats to the Constitution as it gave primacy to Islamic laws.
“This judgment has finished off a threat posed to the Constitution by the decision of a past Congress govt,” Trivedi said. The apex court had granted a big relief to Muslim women, he said, adding that it should be seen beyond religion as it was an issue of equal rights.