Review: 83

Posted on   6:26 pm

Dream big and achieve big. This was taught by Kapil Dev, when he led hiabside to victory in 1983 World Cup in England.

Review: Rocky

Posted on   6:25 pm

Seeming inspired by Western gangster films, comes Rocky. Directed by Arun Matheswaran, the film features Vasanth Ravi and Bharathirajaa in pivotal roles. Rohini, and Raveena Ravi.

Review: Anandham Vilayadum Veedu

Posted on   6:24 pm

Amidst action and horror films in Tamil cinema, comes AVV, an emotional family drama involving a big bunch of artistes. The need for joint family is what the movie tries to convey. It is more a story of family bonding and difference  between the many within a big family.

Review: Thuneri

Posted on   6:23 pm

Thuneri, is a ghost movie with a difference. The film involves a group of children and proceeds in their view. Scary yet soft for it is for children.

Review: Blood Money

Posted on   6:22 pm

Sarjun’s Blood Money released in OTT is a suspense drama. Actress Priya Bhavani Shankar plays the lead role and actors Kishore, Shirish plays the important roles in the movie. Blood Money is produced by Irfan Malik on behalf of Emperor Entertainment.

Review: Anti Indian

Posted on   3:05 pm

Blue Sattai Maran’s Anti Indian is a bold attempt that speaks about religious intolerance, indifference in society in the backdrop of a death. Maran’s directorial debut tries to be sarcastic but say things straightforward.

Review: Murungakkai Chips

Posted on   3:01 pm

Filmmaker Srijar’s Mutungakkal Chips starring Shanthanu and Athulya Ravi id a adults only content narrated in a hilarious manner. Bhagyaraj, Urvashi,  Munishkanth, Yogi Babu, Mano Bala, and Mayilsamy play pivotal roles. Bankrolled by Libra Productions and First Man Film Works, it has music by Charan.

Review: Jail

Posted on   3:29 pm

Director Vasantabalan better known for his films like Veyyil, and Angadi Theru, is out with Jail. Known to speak societal issues and explore human relationships in his films, Vasantabalan speaks about the problems of those living in Chennai slums face when they were compelled to go and settle in suburbs.

Review: Vanam

Posted on   5:18 pm

Filmmaker Srikantan Anand’s Vanam is a refreshing attempt in Tamil cinema. It talks about re-incarnation and revenge in an engaging manner.