Activists in Chennai call for conserving & recycling water

For the past few weeks, reports have surfaced that the city may face a severe water crisis this summer. After the failure of the monsoon last year, many localities have reported that the ground water level has reduced significantly.

Speaking about this pressing issue, Choolaimedu Exnora Club secretary, Kasturi Rangan, shared his concern.

“Because of the poor monsoon last year, the storage levels of our city’s reservoirs have diminished big time,” said Kasturi.

“We are already seeing a shortage in supply, a fact supported by the number of trips made by Metro Water’s tankers”, he added.

Voicing the importance of conservation, he said, “People need to realise its value and stop wastage. We need to use our resources efficiently. Every individual should make it a point to utilise every drop that accumulates within their home. People should also take a lead on inferring the need for rain water harvesting and maintenance of existing pits in their homes, for a better tomorrow.”

Kasturi also warned about the drastic depletion of water table in the area in the coming months. “Residents have to closely monitor the borewells. Our appeal is to never run the motor for long hours and to create awareness among each other,” he stated.

Similarly, Awareness India Movement (AIM) based in Kodambakkam, recently conducted a campaign to mark World Water Day on 22 March. Sources said, volunteers held a meet at Ashok Avenue to create awareness among the public.
According to Vetrivel, the founder, the organisation has set up free cans at the neighbourhood for residents to drink.