Review: Poochandi

Poochandi is a horror thriller film. It tells the story of a journalist from India who comes to Malaysia for his true ghost stories project, and encounters a frightening supernatural entity that is haunting a group of friends.

Directed by JK Wicky, it is written by Thanabalan Kuppusamy.

It stars RJ Ramana, Ganesan Manohgaran, Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan, Logan, Hamsni Perumal among others.

Thrill-seeking horror story magazine journalist Murugan (RJ Ramana) travels to Malaysia to collect local true ghost stories and look for folks with paranormal stories. What started as an ordinary story search turns into a horrific life-changing mystery when he encounters Shankar (Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan), who shares a spine-chilling paranormal experience that happened to him and his friends. Did they all survive?

All the artistes have given their best. With a string writing, Poochandi Varan is also visual treat. The cinematography was goof and pleasant.

Produced by Mr. S. Andy from Trium Studio, the movie manages to engage and entertain.

Poochandi is something powerful and tantalising about the fear of the unknown and the rich history of Hinduism.
Three cheers to Wicky, who has come up with a mind-brewing suspense-thriller genre.