Movie Review : Tanakkaran

Cop movies in Tamil cinema have always been bravado ventures where is all but action and the man in khaki wins big.

But filmmaker Tamil manages to come out with an emotional ride about the travails of police recruits who undergo hardships in training college.

The abuse of power, corrupt system ridden with egoistic officers are discussed in this venture.

Based on real- life incidents, Taanakkaran, is predominantly set in a training camp. The film mainly deals with specific tradition – kaavathu training and competition.

Arivu (Vikram Prabhu) always dreams to become a police officer and successfully joins the Police Recruits School (PRS). However, he soon realises that everything is not as easy as he expected.

The training school is controlled by Inspector Muthupandi (Madhusudhan Rao), and his valet Eeshwaramurthy (Lal), who tortures the new entrants in the name of parade training. It is all but a war between Arivu and Eeshwaramurthy now.

Three cheers to Vikram Prabhu. He suits the role. The actor has undergone physical hardships shooting for the movie.

Lal with his menacing looks and string performance steals the show. Anjali

Nair as the leading lady has enough screen space. The likes of Bose Venkat and MS Baskar chup in with their best.

Taanakkaran stands tall thanks to Ghibran’s music, camera by Madesh Maniclam and some strong writing by Tamil. Though the second part is more predictable, the movie manages to engross.